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Abb.: Ronny Rau

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - ICA-CCR Conference Berlin 2019

Conference Topic

Conference contributions may cover a wide range of connected research themes at different levels of social interaction. Empirical as well as conceptual work will be presented and discussed.

System Changes

  • Cooperatives and the Sustainable Development Agenda? (1)

  • Cooperatives and the transformation of food, energy and knowledge systems. (2)

  • Cooperatives and the transformation of financial and insurance systems. (3)

  • Cooperatives and urban transformation processes. (4)

  • Cooperatives in socialist and post socialist transformations. (5)

  • Cooperatives, chain integration and the transformation of the market mechanism. (6)


Policies and Institutional Environments

  • Enabling environments for healthy cooperative development. (12)

  • Towards an International Cooperative Law. (13)

  • The future treatment of cooperatives in antitrust and tax regulations. (14)

  • Cooperatives and changing EU-policy agendas / EU-policy reform. (15)

  • Transformation of ownership and property systems. (16)

  • Platform cooperative economies. (17)

  • Cooperatives, knowledge society and education. (18)


Managing Business Transformation

  • Managing change at the level of the cooperative business. (7)

  • Optimal producers? Coping with increasing member heterogeneity. (8)

  • Managing and assessing board structure changes in cooperatives. (9)

  • Aligning incentive structures for managers, workers and honorary posts in cooperatives. (10)

  • Leveraging business digitalization. (11)


Communities and Natural Resources

  • Agricultural land, water and the biosphere. (19)

  • Activating civil society: social movements, cognitive dissonance and the role of cooperatives. (20)

  • Cooperatives and community cooperation. (21)

  • The future of cooperative associations. (22)

  • Forest and fisheries cooperatives. (23)

  • Urban / community supported agriculture. (24)